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Teen Wolf Season 6 Trailer

Fasten your seatbelts. It's going to be a bumpy ride.

Favourite characters: Spencer Reid

Oh, boy. Reid, Reid, Reid, Reid, Reid.

Criminal Minds is so much better with him in it. He's so intelligent and adorable and just...Gotta love him.

Special effect or not?

I would very much like to see the film 'Everybody Wants Some!!'. Not for the reason you think.

All right, it's exactly for the reason you think.

Take a look at this:

I honestly don't know if that's a special effect, or if he really is hitting the ball with the axe. I'm too embarrassed to ask, but if he is, that's very impressive.

Supernatural Finale

I've been hoping that the damage the Winchesters have caused would come back to bite them.

Looks like it has.

The Day Project: Writing romance

The romance between Isabel, the main character, and Luke, a handsome Changer who doesn’t disguise his interest in her, is the secondary plot of my new book.

I already know why Luke likes her. She helps him out during a stormy night when she could easily have turned him in. Not everyone would have done that, and he never forgets her for it. Ironically, she doesn’t recognise him when they meet up again. Also, he keeps seeing the real Isabel behind the mask she puts up. He sees how kind, loving and gentle she is.

What I can’t figure out is why Isabel likes Luke.

She thinks he’s attractive, yes, but she doesn’t do anything because of that. She suspects that he might be after her for power and connections; it’s a case of ‘Do you like me, or do you like what I can give you?’ There’s also the fact that Isabel really does not like Changers at this precise minute, and with good reason.

One thing there won’t be is what some reviewers call ‘instalove’. It’s when two characters decide they are completely and utterly head-over-heels in love with each other at their first meeting. A lot of YA reviewers really don’t like that, and I can see why. But on the other hand, these characters are teenagers. In Teen Wolf, Scott is smitten with Allison from the first moment he sees her and to be honest, that’s a pretty realistic reaction for a sixteen-year-old. (The only problem is he happens to be a werewolf and Allison’s family are werewolf hunters. Oh dear.) And to be honest, love at first sight does exist. But judging from reviews, YA readers and reviewers might not thank you if you have it in your book.

The romance isn’t the main plot, but unless it’s done right, it’s going to fall flat. But hey, you can’t please everyone who reads a book, can you?

I don't get it

Will someone please tell me why I keep checking on what's going on with Supernatural when I don't even like the main characters any more?

Those two are long overdue for some retribution. Masses have died because of them and they've murdered possessed innocent people. They have gallons of blood on their hands. They've got so used to throwing lives away that I think they just don't care any more. To be honest, I'm not so sure they even really care about people who aren't themselves or each other.

I really hope the blood they shed catches up with them. It's the least they deserve.

Wow, this was a really angry post, wasn't it? Sorry.

The Day Project: Hmm

Plans have changed. Not quite sure what’s going to happen, but the Day Project is still ongoing.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

Favourite Characters: Horatio Caine

Horatio is protective, ruthless, kind, powerful and caring.

He's one of the best cops in Miami, but he's also one of the most dangerous.

The Day Project: Opening line

I was raised to marry a monster. (Cruel Beauty, Rosamund Hodge)

This story begins with endless night and infinite forest; with two orphaned children, and two swords made out of broken bone. (Crimson Bound, Rosamund Hodge)

She shouldn’t have been tempted. (The Winner’s Curse, Marie Rutkoski)

Even when there are no prisoners, I can still hear the screams. (The Sin Eater’s Daughter, Melinda Salisbury)

Today is my last day as Violet Lasting. (The Jewel, Amy Ewing)

The forest had become a labyrinth of snow and ice. (A Court of Thorns and Roses, Sarah J Mass)

He began his new life standing up, surrounded by cold darkness and stale, dusty air. (The Maze Runner, James Dashner)

There is one mirror in my house. (Divergent, Veronica Roth)

Eye-catching, aren’t they? That’s the whole point. An author needs to have a good opening line(s) to catch the reader’s interest. Of course, an opening line can do the exact opposite and put the reader off the book.

Actually writing one is much harder than it looks. But then again, so is writing a book.

The Day Project: Boy, is my face red

You know how I said my book probably wouldn’t be YA?


Believe me, it wasn’t intentional. And it puts an entirely different spin on things. For instance, where are the sequels going to go, the ones where the girls are in early twenties? What happens then?

Looks like all the time I’ve spent looking at reviews of bad YA books is going to come back to haunt me – or to be more precise, do this: